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Would you like to rank higher on Google for your targeted keywords and phrases? Do you have a well researched long term strategy for SEO? We can develop a bespoke and targeted SEO campaign to generate more leads and sales.

Google is clever

When we talk about SEO, the first thing that comes to mind is Google. Google currently have 65-75% of the global market share for search results so it's therefore important to ensure you're doing all you can to be in poll position when potential customers search for your products or services.

We know what it means and what it takes to get first page results on Google for your keywords. It's a process which requires creativity mixed with research, lots of planning and plenty of technical knowledge. We are here to provide that to you, and to develop the best possible strategy to get the results you need.

Being first page is everything

75% of users don’t scroll past page one when they’re searching the internet. That’s why it’s crucial to be page one, making you as visible to as customers as possible. The first results also captures 33% of the traffic for that search result, therefore it's important to strive to number one.

We can monitor your page rank, and provide analysis on how we can improve that for you, which will lead to improved positioning for your keywords. Higher authoritative rank higher with the likes of Google, so it's important to improve what Google thinks about your website. SEO in the UK is becomming more difficult to achieve without careful planning, so we recommend taking the initial steps to build that solid platform, before you start slipping down the search engine rankings. 

Our Method

As SEO consultants, this is where we come in. We will explore what keywords and phrases will provide you the best possible leads, and then create a strategy primarily aimed at driving you to a top 3 position for those keywords and phrases. On our part, this takes time and research, and lots of planning. We also take items such as meta tags, meta discriptions and headings into account, making sure they're optimised for your website. 

We will research the current landscape for your keywords and provide you with reports showing where you are positioned, why that is and how we plan to increase your rankings. Our strategy is based on evidence and previous results. This ensures we are implementing a strategy which is safe and more importantly, can generate positive results.

The key areas involve us looking at your website and generating a list of recommendations, looking at your link profile and how to improve it, as well as assessing your website from a technical standpoint to ensure search engines have no issue finding it. We would also look to tie this service neatly in with a simple Pay-Per-Click campaign, to maximise the exposure you would get from search engines.

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