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Email Marketing

Would you like to keep all your clients engaged, up to date and familiar with your services? Is client retention an issue in general? We can solve these issues with a strategic and well thought out marketing communication campaign.

Value for money Marketing

This is one of the cheapest ways carry out direct marketing to quickly engage a large audience. One problem we hear all the time is that in house campaigns have led to poor results, or even none at all. Statistics show that in 2015, properly researched and executed email marketing campaigns earned a return of investment at an average of 3800%; we know that email marketing does work from both research and experience.

If there is one service we’d recommend to any SME, this would be it. In terms of cost per email sent versus the amount of exposure it produces, it’s by far the simplest way to increase brand awareness effectively.

Prospect List

We create usable mailing lists that can be utilised to send out your message to either current clients or cold leads in your target market. We generate our prospects list using specialist tools to find email addresses or contact details for the decision makers of businesses within your target market. We can then set up targeted marketing campaigns for those decision makers constantly researching and tweaking the campaign to continuously improve the quality of the leads it generates for you.

Campaign Analysis

Once a campaign has been sent out, it's important to see if the campaign has been successful and study the results for the next campaign.  We can see vital information such as an open-rate of emails, click-rates per link and any unsubscribes to the campaign. It's important to document each of these for use with the next campaign to assess the success rate for a campaign and tweak the next to do even better. We can also work with you to create a viral marketing campaign which we can then monitor through analysis and build on for the next email. 

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