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We worked with North Tyneside-based contracting company, Quora Group, to design and create a piece of software known as a ‘portal’ in order to streamline the company’s existing bespoke project management programme.


Prior to the creation of the portal, Quora Group were faced with the undesirable task of manually taking information from Xero - an online accounting platform - and inputting this into their bespoke project management programme. Until recently, this has caused many issues including:

  • Discrepancies between the two systems due to the double handling of information
  • Inaccurate project forecasting which is heavily relied upon within the company
  • A long-winded process to completing the task, taking up valuable time


Since incorporating the portal into the project management programme, Quora Group’s project management division has noticed a massive improvement. The system has enabled:

  • 100% accurate forecasting of finance and labour
  • Two days per month saved on moving and managing information between Xero and the project management programme
  • The entire process has been simplified, resulting in an excellent return on investment (ROI) of 2-3 years of salary costs saved. These savings recover the total cost of developing the software

Tell us a bit about Quora Group

Quora Group was established in 2005, specialising in providing bespoke services for the supply, installation and maintenance of heating, cooling and ventilation systems to commercial customers, homes and public bodies.

Over the years, Quora Group has rapidly expanded into a team of over 50 staff, and we now offer an unparalleled blend of mechanical building and electrical services and ensure systems always perform safely and efficiently. We currently work with clients such as Wates, Engie and Metnor Construction.

Our ethos is to provide clients with a whole life cycle solution, ensuring that our collaboration and joint learning is utilised fully. We embrace the latest technology available to ensure that our quality, health and safety surpasses client expectations.

Ross Bailey, Director - Quora Group

We decided to work with Wubbleyou on this project because they have been building custom software to fix unique problems for 10 years. Wubbleyou came highly recommended by all their clients, including North Tyneside Council and Department for Education, and they have a track record of fully understanding the client’s requirements and delivering exactly what is needed. What could have been a complicated and daunting project ended up being enjoyable and educational.

Why were you looking to embark on a technical project?

We were struggling to ascertain accurate figures of cost and expenditure on our major project which is an obvious issue for any business. Information was manually inputted into the system which led to discrepancies between Xero and the project management programme, making project forecasting inaccurate. As a contracting company we rely heavily on accurate forecasting of finance and labour to remain productive as a company.

Our solution to this was to streamline the process by consolidating the various programmes we used and ultimately implementing a bespoke portal which allows for a seamless transfer of information. The portal would allow information to be taken from Xero and transferred directly into our bespoke project management programme, massively reducing errors.

As a result, the portal has allowed this process to be streamlined which has reduced errors and improved efficiencies. The portal has saved considerable time by reducing the double handling of information, it has given greater accuracy of information, and it has simplified the entire process. This project has had the greatest influence on our project management division and we are looking at a return on investment (ROI) period on the project via wages which is excellent.

Ross Bailey, Director - Quora Group

Their unique combination of specialist business growth knowledge and experience developing new software is a valuable asset in support of our programme requirements. We have worked closely with Wubbleyou over the past five months to come to a cost effective solution that suits our requirements. The project was delivered on time and on budget with regular communication throughout.

Did you have any reservations about embarking on a technical project?

My reservation about embarking on a project like this was solely down to our lack of technical expertise. We also initially had concerns about knowing what we wanted this project to turn into and if we were going in the right direction with the software. Wubbleyou were able to guide us through these concerns and helped us determine what it was we were actually trying to achieve.

The original proposal was for a much larger project but with the assistance of Wubbleyou we were able to break the project down into smaller, more manageable components, which alleviated our initial reservations and concerns. This also prevented us from spending large sums of money on software that was not needed, due to our own lack of understanding.

Ross Bailey, Director - Quora Group

I found working with Wubbleyou to be a very simple process, which was important due to our lack of expertise in this field

What's next for Quora Group?

We are starting a new project with Wubbleyou that will combine the project we have just completed, which will form part of the overall larger project we initially looked at. The combination of these smaller projects gives us the flexibility to mould and develop the software in conjunction with a better understanding of what we want and what Wubbleyou are able to offer us.

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