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Franks Portlock

Franks Portlock was established in the North East in 2006, providing asbestos inspection, testing and consultancy services. Since then they’ve expanded significantly and have a nationwide footprint, with regional offices in Rosyth, London and at Sellafield, Cumbria. They have also moved into water hygiene services.


“As an organization, we are very service driven and focused on quality over quantity. The latter often being the downfall of similar companies. As part of this process of working with the business consultant, it became apparent that we were being held back somewhat by the software we were using, both in terms of operational efficiency and the quality of management info it could provide to help us achieve our goals.”

  • Reporting- There wasn’t any way of pulling Management Information from the system safely to analyse the profitability of the projects
  • Processing- Purchase orders, invoices and payments were all done manually, which was inefficient for the business
  • Current software- we were confident that there was off-the-shelf software that would work better for them


The changes and suggestion we made have had a measurable impact:

  • Franks Portlock have a clear ROI driven data strategy, with clear next steps on how MI reports will be generated using data automation
  • Franks Portlock have an ROI driven technical innovation strategy, with tactical projects and known ROIs for implementing these projects
  • Franks Portlock now have documentation and process diagrams for the key processes in the business, and an understood ROI for optimising and innovating these with software. Understanding lifecycle of a 'job' from lead to delivery, and make these more profitable.

How did you begin working with Wubbleyou?

The company began working with a business consultant in 2019 to help them to restructure and put in place a model for scaling up the business, increasing both turnover and profitability. We were recommended to the company through a local funding initiative, and we had a chat with Phil Franks, the Director about the working with us.

Can you give us an example of the pain that you were experiencing?

We were using an prominent off-the-shelf solution for our day to day service delivery, however it was very operationally focussed and offered little from a commercial perspective. As such, we ended up with a patchwork quilt of distinct software packages, each operating in their own data silos, to gather the management information we needed. A fully integrated and utilised CRM was an obvious place to start and would allow us to better serve our customers, however it needed to fit in an around our current processes and procedures as efficiently as possible.

Phil Franks, Director - Franks Portlock Ltd

Wubbleyou worked with us to implement Hubspot as a CRM system. This meant we had accurate customers sales and communications records, which meant we could plan our marketing in a more targeted way. The customer records are easily and instantly accessible, making it easy for anyone answering the phone to be informed of their activity and sales history and act accordingly.

How did we make the business agile in the pandemic?

The CRM system actually integrates with phone, so inbound enquiries are linked to the CRM, which is very useful. It also means that if anyone is working remotely, all they need to do is plug their phone into the router, and they are connected.

How did we help?

We’re still working through the implementation of all our planned software, but we’re already looking at time and efficiency saving through applications that integrate with our accounting software. That alone will greatly reduce the administrative effort required at the top level of management in the company, and reduce the potential errors generated through the duplication of data.

What were we like to work with?

We were working mainly with Mark, and his ability to absorb and then patiently interrogate our narratives when describing our existing processes and procedures was very impressive! His enthusiasm for the project and the desire to make an impact was apparent throughout. He’s also very clear and concise.

What’s next for the business?

We’ll continue to work through our roadmap to improve procedures through development and off the shelf software integrations at each stage of the company’s operation. There is a definite sea-change in the outlook of the senior team to move away from manual effort toward better automation, wherever practicable to do so.

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