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Online marketing and e-commerce solution for upcoming jewellery and homeware brand based in North Shields.


TUTTI&CO approached us about redesigning both their retail and wholesale/stockist websites. We worked with them on previous incarnations of their website and were able to come up with a solution that allowed for the company to run both areas of their business from the same website.

The company was in the midst of a rebrand, so the new website had to follow the new clean branding guidelines and follow the minimalistic yet professional theme that the company was looking for.

We started the design of the website, following some of the great ideas other large fashion retailers are currently using. These included features such as searchable categories, large feature images and a quick and easy checkout process.

Setting up Shop

TUTTI&CO had hundreds of products that they needed to add to the new website for the current collection. This meant setting up the shop so that it is able to showcase their products in a clean and simple way to allow for the customer to see key products at first glance of the website.

One of the key areas we had to focus on was the drill down of each category, and making sure the key categories were the main focus point of the website. TUTTI&CO had only recently added a homeware collection to their product range but now it is a stand-out area of the website showcasing products from their home accessories and furnishings ranges.

Website Launch

The website officially launched in November 2015. The feedback from both the client and their customers has been great. It’s led to an increase of traffic to the website which is great news as the more people visiting can only mean good things for TUTTI&CO in the coming years.

On all our websites such as TUTTI&CO, we include a Google Analytics package which is used to monitor website statistics. For our E-Commerce packages, Google Analytics allows for E-Commerce tracking straight out the box so you can monitor sales and conversions through an easy-to-use interface.

The website is now taking many new sign-ups every day, servicing both retail and wholesale customers.. We look forward to working with them to keep increasing their customer base and if you haven’t done so yet, go ahead and visit their website for some fantastic products.


Online marketing and e-commerce solution for upcoming jewellery and homeware brand based in North Shields.

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