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Size Styler

A brand new affiliate marketing website which allows users to filter products by their own specific measurements

What is Size Styler?

Size Styler is new way to shop allowing you to search products which are not only your taste, but also your specific size.  After a short sign up process and inputing your measurements, you can now shop smart!

The application has many visible and behind the scenes processes and features, including integration with many APIs and affiliate marketing platforms, use of email marketing platforms and integration with Facebook and Twitter.  This is all done seamlessly and quickly for the best user experience.

The application was also delivered with a powerful Content Management System allowing administrators to manage all aspects of the application.

The Process

We were approached by the client who were looking for developers with extensive experience developing websites built with affiliate marketing platforms.

Firstly, as with all projects involving custom development, we developed an extensive Technical Specification from scratch.  This detailed wireframes for all of the front end designs, detailed specifications on the inner workings and how it should be built and implemented.  After development we were able to test and launch the application without a hitch, producing a fast, efficient and secure website with a great user experience.

Unique Features

Size Styler contains many unique features which set it out from it's competitors both in view and behind the scenes, we'll detail a few you can see!


- A fast and responsive search engine, do you want to find products by colour, name, merchant or even by your specific size? No problem, Size Styler has it covered!

- Customising results based on a user's specific measurements.  Many online sales result in returns due to sizing issues, Size Styler lets you filter by only products which will fit you personally

- Built in email marketing features which allow users to keep up to date on sales items, price reductions or items and their stock levels



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