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Referral Network

Custom website development for a Referral Network, a platform for dental professionals to refer their patients to specialists

What is Referral Network?

Referral Network is a management system for dental professionals to refer their patients, who require specialist treatment, to other dental professionals whom specialise in that particular area.  This allows for dental professionals to communicate quickly and securely, automatically updating the patient when progress is made.  

This will allow patients a smoother experience than the standard referral process, which is said to be frustrating and cumbersome.

The Process

The client approached us with the project idea and brief, which we then transformed into a detailed technical specification to allow all parties involved understand the requirements, their role and what to expect from the developed application.  This allowed a pre-chosen design company to develop the front end designs and templates, whilst we developed the backend and code base.

This project features a suite of thorough automated testing which can test all the important features and functionality in about 20 minutes everytime we add new code, if a human was to do this it would take several hours.

Unique Features

The site in itself is unique in that there is no other like it, but on top of this features a range of uniquely developed features.  The application contains a subscription based payment system, is very focused on data security and intrusion detection.  

The application is also designed to be fully scalable ensuring it can scale horizontally across many servers during times of peak load.

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