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MB&G Insurance

Insurance website showcasing the products available for a warranty specialists company

Insurance Professionals

MB&G approached us about revamping their current website. The design needed to follow the brand they’ve established over the years and also work well with the current promotional products they use for their point of sale items.

We managed to create a modern theme that worked across a range of different media. We believe this is key to maintaining the brand confidence as all of our websites cater to suit screens of all different sizes.

Register As A Dealer

One of the key areas they wanted to focus on increasing awareness of was the registration process to entice new dealers to offer their products. We therefore chose to highlight this key feature as one of the first items you see when you visit the website.

To make sure that they were able to get these prospective dealers on board, we made the signup process as simple as possible with a contact form that they could use directly on the website. It also allowed MB&G to receive a little bit of information about a prospective dealer before deciding whether to accept them as an approved dealer.

Private Area

Another area of the website that MB&G wanted to include was a private area where all of their approved dealers would be able to download relevant point of sale items that they could use within their showrooms. This needed to be setup to be accessed by a range of different dealers so a login process was adopted allowing only certain member access upon request.

MB&G also have an online e-warranty system that they use to track claims, so this was added to the website as a direct way to manage your claim.


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