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MBC Recruitment

MBC is a multi disciplined recruitment providing personnel to a variety of sectors within industry since 1995

Bold, Evocative Imagery

MBC Recruitment came to us to redesign their previous website with a new improved modern website to compete with their competitors. With a redesigned layout as well as a recreated logo, the website stands out from its competitors. With the bright and bold selection of colour scheme, it focuses the users attention on key areas instantly.

Simple Contact

The website is made to be as friendly as possible for their candiates, so we added a new page for the submitting your CV which instantly allows their audience to submit their CV without any hassle or extra clicks. The key to capturing users is to make their lives as simple as possible, so by creating large and straight forward forms for the users, it means capturing their attention is far easier and far more likely to succeed. 

MBC Contact Us

Showing the location of the company via Google Maps, gives their audience the ability to use to through navigation or any other ways to pin-point the company, as well as be able to send any form of enquiry straight through the easy to use contact form.

Loose Ends

A new way to turn your spare time into a great time! Loose Ends helps you spend more time with friends, and less time organising.

Referral Network

Custom website development for a Referral Network, a platform for dental professionals to refer their patients to specialists


Online marketing and e-commerce solution for upcoming jewellery and homeware brand based in North Shields.