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Emmingo an e-commerce website that specialises in women accessories

Responsive Menu and Categories

Featuring a mobile responsive design including a menu that slides out from the left, along with a search filter that allows  users to type in any of the products they would like to view and any category sections if they're after a specific type of products. 

Product Description

With an eye-catching image placed on the left, it gives an excellent view of the product. When moving the cursor over the image, a magnifying tool appears allowing users to view the image clearly with a handy zoom tool.

The structure of the description is clean and simple, with a simple 'add to cart' feature that allows an effortless shopping process.

Checkout basket for purchasing products

When it comes to the shopping cart, simplicity is the key. As you can tell, with the use of this colour scheme, any colour outside of white and black stands out quite nicely as shown with the 'x - delete' feature. Minimal colours were used as focal points throughout the website.

With simple options listed, users are not required to click on multiple links in order to open a certain option.


MyBusinessProviders aim is to provide business support in a range of areas to SMEs throughout the UK


Online marketing and e-commerce solution for upcoming jewellery and homeware brand based in North Shields.

Referral Network

Custom website development for a Referral Network, a platform for dental professionals to refer their patients to specialists