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Employee Insight: Associate Project Manager

Employee Insight: Associate Project Manager

What is your current position and what lead you to working for Wubbleyou? 

I recently started working at Wubbleyou as an associate project manager and I am very excited about this opportunity. I firmly believe that essential leadership skills, communication, and team building are particularly important in simplifying the work. Because of my skills and passion for it, I believe I have the knowledge to succeed in this role and at the company. 

I am the kind of person who likes to see how the complex problems can be solved using technology and that is what exactly Wubbleyou does and I really like the work culture and support I receive from my team and these are the driving factors for me to join Wubbleyou.

Can you describe an average day? 

I basically start my day at 9am and will check all the emails or slack channel and attend the stand up call at 10:15am with the team. Then I directly jump onto the tasks I need to finish. I attend few client meetings (maybe like 3-4) with the Business analyst and make notes on them. Then I focus back on the tasks that I was dealing with and if unsure about anything, would ask for help to the managing director and business analyst. 

What are you most looking forward to? 

I am looking forward to be a part of every amazing project that Wubbleyou has. In fact i'm looking forward to successful completion of project within timescale, meeting requirements and budget, collaborating with clients as well as colleagues.

What is your favourite thing about your job? 

My most favourite thing about the job is the opportunity to work alongside my colleagues who are really being sweet, helpful and cheerful at each phase even though they're dealing with hell lot of things. Secondly, the flexibility it provides, which maintains the work-life balance. And lastly, meeting in person that creates work environment to focus on qualitative output and have some chit-chats in between and planning for some outdoor activities once in a while.

Something people might be surprised to hear about your job? 

As an Associate Project Manager, I do have to manage the timescale, budget and the project to get better outcomes for client and our company. I also need to be a tech head to understand the process of developing, testing and delivering the project.

What’s coming up for you? 

Hopefully numerous projects to work with the lovely team and learning new skills/ certifications for improving teamwork and trying to adapt to new upcoming challenges.