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Winter Web Designs

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Winter Web Designs

As we know winter is approaching and the weather is getting colder day by day. As the cold breeze fills the office, the coldness is suddenly upon us. The heatings on max and blankets are out with a hot chocolate in our hands and just sipping away day dreaming. Are you waiting for the big reveal of Fenwicks window in Newcastle? However, as awesome as that is (and we definately do love winter), we certainly don't want to fall into that right now do we? 

Winter does not only bring coldness, it also gives us web designers and creative artists new inspiration so to speak, and a new way of implementing a new style into our pieces of work.  

As for today's topic, you've probably guessed this already. We'll be going over some amazing inspirational designs that winter can bring aside from the cold breeze! So without further ado, here we go: 

What can we look forward to with winter styles? 

Since Christmas is also around the corner, it gives companies an opportunity to hype up any Christmas events or giveaways, giving your audience a taste of what's to come or look forward to. 

So as for designs, what can we do and how can we use our web design skills for this? As we can take from the season, it gives us a cold theme to use. With a variety of different colours such as blue, sunset pink'ish to grey and light blue with purple'ish sky and of course not forgetting white! (Though white is a normal colour, holiday or not – so we need to use it in our designs alongside  some festive vibrant colours!)  

The colours alone gives us some sort of an indication of what we can achieve by just describing what winter brings. And of course, when we start adding Christmas, another window of design opens up from Santa Claus, snowman through to bright stars and we can’t forget the Christmas trees can we? It's all about giving your target audience a true feeling of joy for the holiday season. 

How can this help us in attaining more visitors? 

By displaying any visual awareness of a certain season, it gives the audience an indication of what they can expect without the need of flicking through the website. 

As mentioned above, giving your audience a holiday experience certainly would play a big role as you would be connecting with them on a personal level enjoying festivities along with them. And certainly, once you get hold of their trust, you would see an increase knowing that it's working. 

Designs to look forward to 

Here are some great designs you can take inspiration from when going through the frustrating process of gathering ideas (we know the struggle!). 

Ryan Scherf 


James Garner 




Just taking a glance at these websites, you can feel its winter theme and that is what's expected when a company tends to go for seasonal temporary festive designs. 

Process to be aware of 

  • When applying seasonal designs, ensure that it is not a permanent rebrand as they change throughout the course of the year. Having a specific seasonal design can give your audience a feel of 'out of date' website. Unless of course your website is based on that specific season. It's amazing how often we've come across Christmas based websites in August and when you're just starting to enjoy the sunshine!
  • Aside from websites, designing the social media pages to match consistency with the new design flow would be highly recommended. This would make your audience get familiar with the new structure and know what to expect beforehand. 

Timing – Early or leave it last minute? 

When it comes to actually implementing the web design, timing is crucial. You cannot have your new design live 2-3 months before the actual holiday and cannot leave it to the last minute. 

Putting your design live too early would take away the anticipation of your audience expecting the new designs and having them displayed on the day would not benefit the company in any way other than they had a change in the website that would probably be needing another change soon. 

Festive holiday web designs are mostly there to boost sales. And as mentioned above – share an emotional thought process with the audience. Too early and/or too late may not always work out the way you may think! So be aware of the timing as that is the most crucial step of this whole process. 

Lastly, What's your thoughts on winter theme? 

Christmas is around the corner, not long left before we start shopping around for the presents! So it's best to start getting into the holiday feel and start going through the process of thinking about a new design behind the scenes so you can launch it few weeks before the Christmas holidays! 

Most people have already started Christmas shopping (too early I know!) but better than leaving it last minute right?  

What we can do for you 

As seasons make their way throughout the year, we sometimes tend to not take advantage of the season within businesses. Each season can boost our growth and you can start off with a website! Get in touch with us and we can provide you with all you need to know for either a redesign, rebrand or new website from scratch! 

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