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Websites that Test Mobile Responsiveness

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Websites that Test Mobile Responsiveness

When it comes to testing a websites mobile responsiveness, seeing whether your coding has been applied correctly can be quite easy, if you know what simple steps to take. The preferred way of many developers is to use the inspect element feature built into browsers or extensions such as Ripple, but have you ever wondered if there was a simpler way of doing the testing without having to go through figuring out the correct sizes of different devices? 

There are many websites out there that can do the hard work for you. Finding the correct website can be a bit of a chore as every site is not the same and many have some features that you like and many have a few reasons to dislike them.  

Though, as crucial as it is to test out your site on multiple devices, it can be costly if you decide to purchase a selection of devices with different resolutions. This can also be time-consuming, but having a website do it for you – pretty much saves you from a lot of frustration!  

How do I know which responsive website checker site to use and would it be worth my time? 

When it comes to 'what website to use', it depends on what you're after. Since all the sites would share some similarities, they'll have different features and many you may not need which would turn you away from them.  

The question arises, whether it's worth your time, and that pretty much is the key when it comes to these. If you see yourself not satisfied and the site is incomplete then you'll head for the exit, which in return you would pretty much have wasted your valuable time already right?  

So as for today's article, with a little bit of a long intro, we will cover various elements of having to test your website on sites that provide mobile responsive testing to ensure your programming works as intended. 

Benefits of testing through these responsive testing websites 

  • One of the crucial parts of this is that it would save you a lot of hassle from knowing the width of certain devices. These sites would pretty much have it sorted for you giving the dimensions for a full range of devices and then you have the option to just paste the link of your website. 
  • It's also great for showcasing to clients. It means you can show the client the responsive side of their website without having to get it running on your phone. When we use the inspect element on most browsers, the client may not really understand the 'width' aspect of phones and in return the client will most likely be asking you a set of questions based more on the inspect element tool rather than their own site that you're meant to be showcasing - which we should avoid! However, seeing the phone names displayed within these sites, the client would ask far fewer questions about the site that it's being tested on and be more focussed on their own website! 

Potential drawbacks for these types of sites

  • Certain features may be limited as to what you can test on. Features not showing certain screen sizes you may want to test on is quite a large drawback, and that would be somewhat of a limitation that could drive users away.
  • For any websites having a downtime, it means the audience won't be allowed to use their content, and if that was the case the testing may be delayed and if it was just to showcase to the client, then there could be an issue, but that doesn’t mean you should just leave it - nope! There are more sites out there as well as extensions and built-in browser features, you could use those as an alternative so if one of your showcasing websites is down, try another one. 
  • Some may charge an additional fee for more features since the default feature may only have certain parts that push users to purchase a package. This can be a downfall – and quite a large one at best, since there are inspect element and many other extension and such out there, 9 times out of 10 people would mostly look for another website that can do the same process but cost less. 

What is "inspect element"? As you've mentioned it a few times already! 

As you can see from the results below, Google Chrome is the most widely used browser in the world right now. This leads to developers mainly using chrome to build their websites, and there is no doubt clients and developers would give chrome a lot more priority than the other browsers. Though it's important not to forget the other browsers that get used such as Firefox, Opera, Safari and the famous Internet Explorer. In fact, due to the popularity of the Apple iPhone and the Apple iPad, safari is seen by some as the second most important browser to test your websites in. Safari and IE are notoriously troublesome for developers!

(Source: w3schools

So lets get back on track and explain what "inspect element" is. It is a development tool that is built in the browser that allows designers and developers to see the structure of the website and manipulate the code within the browser itself to get an idea of an outcome, which they can then implement within their actual code. It's available by hitting the F12 key which browsing a website.  

List of sites with great responsive design features to check out 

If you're eager to get started researching to find the perfect site that can help you with the responsive website testing/showcasing, to ease your frustration which from experience it can be quite of a hassle so we've listed some of the sites we think can be quite useful.

Responsive Design Checker 

Responsive Test 




Studio Press 


Quirk Tools 

These ones we would class as a quite good mix, and each site has different features and not all may suit your taste, but as far as testing the responsiveness of the website, they meet all the requirements! 

Made any decision on which website to starting testing your sites on? Hold on, we aren't done yet!

As you have noticed there are 2 parts to every feature and usually the benefits outweigh the potential issues. It is quite difficult to provide a tool that would be suitable for all users. That being said, these do come in handy as stated in the above sections when it comes to showcasing as well as testing sites in front of the client.

Hopefully, that's given you a quick summary of a few mobile responsive test sites, but if you need any help getting your website ready for all devices, Responsive Web Design to fill in our simple contact form and we'll get back to you shortly. 

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