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Inspiration – Why do we need it for our projects?

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Inspiration – Why do we need it for our projects?

When it comes to creative designs, we'd like to give our delightful readers an insight into understanding whats meant by creative design.

Having a look at other developers/designers piece of work and compiling them so only the best of the best are listed can give us a better understanding of how to implement certain features in a new way that could potentially get the attention of a different group of audience and clients. 

Why do we need to look at other designs? 

As we have briefly touched on the surface in the above section, looking at other designs helps us as designers/developers form an idea that can help inspire us to know what to build for either our next client or our own website.  

A common problem is if you look at the same designs that you've been implementing within your project for years. They can become dull and drive away potential clients/users by thinking you can only develop websites in that fashion – this shows you have a limited skillset creative design-wise in the perspective of the viewers. 

This is where other designs play their part, once you take a look at a few designs, you tend to compile certain features you like and it starts to help you turn your work into a piece of art.  

The majority, if not all of the designers need to have a look at other designs whether it be a competitor or someone else's just to get the feel of what they’re following and what sort of theme is it based on. There is certainly no shame in this, and it's a great way to get out of the habit of creating the same old designs.

Certain websites use different frameworks/CMS, how can we copy what they do? 

When it comes to front-end development, do we really need to look at what the other designer is using in terms of CMS/Framework? Using what you're familiar with can be the only framework you need. Any design can be crafted the same on any framework and it depends on how well can you use it to manipulate the structure in order for it to meet your needs.  

On certain occasions, some features you may want may not be worth the time implementing, hence why having to look at multiple designs plays a crucial role so you can find alternative forms of inspiration. 

Benefits of Looking at other designs 

  • Shows you a new way of designing in a new style, it's always a fun idea to come out of your comfort zone and try out new things
  • Prevent clients/audience from thinking your design skill is limited
  • Keeping up with the modern trends
  • Be able to create a masterpiece by combining different styles. 
  • Be able to provide clients with a quick response on a design without going through the hassle of you 're-inventing the wheel'.

As there are many more benefits you probably may know of, those listed above are just a general feel around why it helps to take inspiration from others.  

Ready for the designs? Here we go... 

You probably are waiting for the list of designs to be shown right? "From all the insightful information above, where are the designs? We need to see the designs!" we hear you cry. 

Not to worry, before we begin to list down some amazing designs, we like to inform our viewers of the importance of inspiration when it comes to web design as that can be missed out and forgotten quite easily with all those creative thoughts taking over. 

So without further ado, hoping the long wait was worth it! Here are some designs to have a look at: 



Build in Amsterdam 

Benoit Challand 


Inspired yet?  

We hope those sites can be of great help to you as they were to us. Each design has different features so being able to mix and match just to get a certain look is somewhat of an exciting process, since knowing the end result would be something to look forward to. 

What we can do to help you out?

If you're looking for a website, make sure to give us a shout! We can help you create the perfect website for yourself or your business without the need of getting too technical. We'll take care of the rest for you. Get in touch and don't hesitate to ask any questions that pop up, for our clients/audience we always available for a quick chat about potential projects. 

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