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Interview with Vincent

Interview with Vincent

This month, it will be one year since our Business Analyst Vincent Odinakachukwu Onyeabor joined the team. He's written some of his insights from this time with us. It's fantastic to have Vincent with us, as Mark Renney says:

"Vincent has had a huge influence on the business, and is a force recognised by clients and the team alike – Vincent is a source of boundary pushing, continuous learning and eternal empathy, and a total hustler when it comes to axe throwing. We’re lucky to have Vincent in the team!"

How has your role evolved since you began a year ago?

Since I joined a year ago as an associate business analyst, my role has evolved substantially in multiple ways. Initially, much of my time was dedicated to understanding the intricacies of our projects and aligning myself with the company's methodologies and processes. However, as I settled in, I quickly found myself diving deeper into the complexities of the software development consulting. My responsibilities spanned diverse areas, including stakeholder/account management, requirement gathering, software testing, and strategic deliberations. Each of these roles converged towards a singular goal - fostering collaboration between our clients and internal teams to ensure seamless project delivery and clarification of ambiguities.

Furthermore, completing my master’s while simultaneously working, allowed me to bring fresh insights to the team, which not only deepened my expertise but also bolstered my capacity to contribute to projects in more profound ways.

Lastly, being exposed to diverse projects, each with its unique challenges and requirements, has refined my skills, making me a more versatile and effective business analyst. My journey over the past year has been marked by continuous learning, adaptation, and an expansion of responsibilities, positioning me for even greater contributions in the future.

What has been your biggest achievement this year?

This year, in addition to executing my duties as a business analyst, I completed my Masters in Information Science (Data Analytics), and was honoured to achieve a distinction. Balancing the rigorous demands of both my professional role and academic pursuit was no small feat. The challenge required me to develop and hone skills in time management, effective prioritisation, and multitasking.

Undertaking my academic programme while working at WUBBLEYOU LIMITED provided me with a unique vantage point. I could immediately apply theoretical knowledge from my studies to real-world scenarios at work, enhancing the depth and quality of my work. This synergistic relationship between my studies and work not only facilitated my academic success but also enriched my contributions to the company.

I am immensely proud of this achievement. It was made possible not just through personal perseverance, but also with the unwavering support of my teammates at Wubbleyou. Their understanding and encouragement played a pivotal role in my journey, and I am deeply grateful for the collaborative and supportive work environment we share.

What has been your biggest challenge?

One of the biggest challenges I faced this year was balancing my professional responsibilities at Wubbleyou with my academic commitments as I concluded my Masters degree. Managing the simultaneous demands of a fast-paced role and a rigorous academic programme required meticulous planning, adaptability, and resilience.

At work, ensuring that I am consistently at my best and delivering solutions for our clients while dedicating ample time to my academic research was a continuous juggle. However, this challenge also became an avenue for immense personal and professional growth. It instilled in me a heightened sense of discipline and honed my multitasking abilities. Reflecting on this journey, I recognise the invaluable skills and insights I have gained from navigating this challenge, and it has been a testament to my determination and ability to thrive under pressure.

How has the business changed since you began? What would you like to see in future?

In the rapidly evolving landscape of our industry, change is not only constant but also swift. New advancements in technology, coupled with the continuous quest for optimised processes, underscore the dynamic environment we operate in. Since joining Wubbleyou, the company has embraced this dynamism wholeheartedly. We have undergone significant transformations, from process overhauls to the creation of new roles, and even shifts in our strategic direction.

What is commendable about Wubbleyou is our proactive approach to change. We are always on the lookout for avenues to improve, innovate, and adapt. These not only ensures that we remain at the forefront of industry advancements but also opens a plethora of opportunities. For those of us already within the business, it offers avenues for growth, learning, and taking on exciting new projects. Simultaneously, for prospective employees, it promises a vibrant and forward-thinking environment.

Looking ahead, I excited about the many growth opportunities that the future holds, as we continue in this growth trajectory and providing innovative solutions to our current and future clients.

Has there been any particular project/aspect of your job that you have enjoyed?

Each project I have been a part of at Wubbleyou has always offered unique and enriching experience. However, what I particularly relish is the valuable impact of my contributions. I have had the privilege of contributing to delivering solutions that meet clients’ expectations.

Stakeholder management stands out as one of the most fulfilling aspects of my role. The process of understanding diverse perspectives, aligning various interests, and ensuring that the final solution resonates with all involved parties is both challenging and rewarding. It is gratifying to see a project come to fruition, knowing that I have played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between our clients' visions and the technical prowess of our development teams.

In essence, the satisfaction derived from knowing that our clients genuinely benefit from the solutions I have been a part of is unparalleled. It underscores the essence of my role and keeps me passionate about what I do.

What is the best thing about working for Wubbleyou?

The best thing about working for Wubbleyou is the people, the fact that we are encouraged to bring my authentic self to work, and the culture of continuous learning. The emphasis on professional growth is further augmented by the exciting and varied projects we undertake, which provide a platform to apply new knowledge and challenge oneself.

Also, the synergy and mutual respect shared among my teammates significantly enhance our work environment. Activities ranging from routine social gatherings to badminton games – a commendable initiative spearheaded by Divya vani Behera – keep our interactions lively and engaging. Beyond mere relaxation, these interactions play a pivotal role in team bonding, ensuring our collective efforts on projects are harmonious and productive.

Above all, there is genuine concern for the well-being of employees. This ethos translates into tangible actions and initiatives that prioritise our mental and physical health, reinforcing the sense that we are truly valued.

In essence, working for Wubbleyou is a combination of professional growth, personal wellbeing, exciting challenges, and a sense of community. And that is just the tip of the iceberg!