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Employee Insight: Senior Software Developer

Employee Insight: Senior Software Developer

We hear from Phil, who has recently been promote to a Senior Software Developer with us.

What is your current position and how long have you worked at Wubbleyou?

I have worked for the company since March 30th, 2020, so just over 2 and a half years now. I started as a mid-level developer and as of this month, I have been promoted to be a senior developer.

Can you describe an average day?

I usually start my working day early around 8am. In the two hours before our first stand-up, I usually check my emails and look at my priority list from the project manager and start working on my tasks. I try to pick a task that I can achieve within those two hours, so I have something to show by stand-up. Or one that’s going to take the whole day so I can start early. At 10am I have my first stand-up with the developers, followed by a second stand-up at 10:15am with the wider team. After stand-up usually I jump on with another developer to either code review, QA or just assist them with any issues. Then I focus back on my task which can be anything really; we have so many great projects here. I then go out for a walk around 2pm to clear my head before finishing my day up.

What has been your favourite project to work on?

I think for me my favourite project was the first one we did for CPP. I really led the project and found that exciting. I had to overcome some interesting challenges with the project and came up with a solution that has been implemented for other clients since.

Also, it was the first project that the company hosted on Microsoft Azure, this lead to some interesting challenges that I overcame and created a template for any future projects that might be undertaken on Azure.

The best thing about working for Wubbleyou?

Wubbleyou listens. In the time I’ve been here I have been vocal about aspects of the business or things I would like to see improved. I have a space where the I feel comfortable to express what I like and dislike. It really is listened to.

I must mention flexibility too, I’ve been able to work on so many amazing projects and I’ve been able to work remotely which for me is amazing. It's opened up so many opportunities.

Something people might be surprised to hear about your job?

I guess it depends, if you are within the tech space it might be the way we manage infrastructure through code which is really cool and has so much potential.

If you aren’t a techy, I think it would be the fact that you can create some amazing, wonderful software projects with not a lot of experience. Anyone who is thinking about a job in software should go for it.

What’s coming up for you?

I’m about to start a project using some technologies i've never used before and languages that I haven’t used since university. I’m excited but also nervous. It's already a project that I talk to my friends about and I hope once it's finished I will be able to talk about its success!