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Employee Insight: Project Manager

Employee Insight: Project Manager

In this blog, we are talking to our current Project Manager Emily. We're recruiting for a Project Manager for Maternity cover, so we thought we would use the opportunity to chat to Emily about her job and what we're looking for in a future candidate...

How long have you been working at Wubbleyou?

I’ve been at Wubbleyou since May last year. I had worked as a Project Manger for 3 years before then at a large company.


What does an average day look like?

There’s no such thing as an average day! We have a Standup meeting every day at 10am with all of the developers. From there, everyone gets to work. For me, that can be talking to clients, consulting budgets, looking at support desks, looking at action projects and where we are in sprints, or liaising with Mark (our Managing Director) on upcoming projects. Because it’s a small company, there’s a requirement to wear a number of hats, so I’m in charge of Service management too! I also look at Recruitment. Mark and I work together on strategic operations too.

I also explore future projects with existing customers- we always want to build lasting relationships with our clients. That’s crucial.


What would really impress you about a candidate for the PM role?

As a company that’s scaling, we need someone to drive that change forward. We would like someone who would get stuck into our processes, and bring about positive and meaningful improvements. We have achieved such a lot in the time I’ve been here, so it’s a really exciting time to join - I’m really looking forward to seeing what further successes the company can make.


Something that is essential in the candidate?

Because Wubbleyou is a small company, You have to be confident in your own abilities and decision-making, as you would be the only project manager. This would suit someone who is used to working autonomously.


What has been your favourite project to work on?

The National Apprenticeship awards were really fun. We do it every year, and it’s always a great project. It runs from April to December. The team is really supportive, and because we had a lot of involvement- from the website, to streamlining the application software, to live-streaming the event- it was a really good varied project to work on. And we attend the event every year; so it’s always fun to go to London!


What’s the best thing about working for Wubbleyou?

The best thing about working for Wubbleyou is the ability to get things done. Because it’s a small company, there is no unnecessary red tape or bureaucracy. It’s a very transparent place to work, and it’s easy to get everyone on board and implement change. There is no blame culture at Wubbleyou; if something goes wrong, the focus is on fixing the problem. Mark and the team are always looking at the best ways to improve things, so challenge is welcomed and ideas are always discussed.

If you're interested in this role, please see our careers page for more information.