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Employee Insight: Associate Business Analyst

Employee Insight: Associate Business Analyst

Introduce yourself and tell us how you got into tech...

I'm Vincent, and I recently joined Wubbleyou as Associate Business Analyst. I transitioned into analytics due to my passion for tech and a desire to be part of the tech revolution. With my knowledge of business and processes, business analytics is a path I am fascinated about and aligns with my career aspirations.

Can you describe what your journey has been like so far?

My career so far has been really diverse, from working in Real Estate to Tech Sales, Customer Service and now Tech Consulting. All of them have contributed to the knowledge and experience I have today. As varied and diverse as it has been, one thing remains constant- my desire to improve and develop.

I'm also learning to enjoy the journey and trust the process as I advance and progress.

What skills are you hoping to develop?

My role requires that I have a good understanding of business objectives. I also have to think critically to prioritise business requirements, and I have to have the ability to negotiate. These are skills I am hoping to develop further to help the team to continue to deliver great value to our clients and stakeholders.

What's the best thing about working at Wubbleyou?

These diverse range of projects we work on is amazing. We always work at our very best to deliver solutions and ensure return on investment for our clients.

There are also many personal development opportunities available, so we can always learn and improve. This includes mentoring, coaching and support from the team.

What might people be surprised to hear about your job?

Even though we're a team of Techies, we regularly have time blocked off for fun activities- both virtually and in-person.

What's coming up for you?

I've got some client projects that I'm really looking forward to. I'm also preparing to take some certification exams.