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Business Automation Roadmap Tool

Business Automation Roadmap Tool

At Wubbleyou, we empower scaling businesses to scale quicker. We empower growth and solve challenges through technology. We do that largely through software development and technical consultancy.


We’ve realised that a lot of businesses have the same challenges. Businesses understand that tech can help, but they don't really understand how. For that reason, we've built a Business Automation Roadmap. After answering a quick set of questions, the tool will generate a business automation report specific to you and your business. The report will contain a raft of recommendations, orientated around reducing stress in the business and generating return on investment. This might even be through increased profits or increasing revenue.


There are 34 questions to answer. You select the answer to the question and the stress level associated with the activity. An example of a question might relate to budgeting. Do you use spreadsheets? Or are you not forecasting at all? How stressful is it? The process takes about 10 minutes.


Once this a complete, you will receive a summary of the situation in the business. This will include the things which are going well and a list of things which could be improved. With every question you've answered there will be a recommendation on what to do next. The idea is to gain an understanding of the following:


· The pain points of your business, and how they are affecting your business profile

· The easy wins that will improve your business

· What you don't know and give you some recommendations to carry those things forward

· Some actions to take over a 12 to 24 month period.


For example, the report might highlight eight easy wins to carry forward. It will show how these easy wins would affect the profile of the business. Crucially, it will also detail how does the stress profile of the business change if we implement the easy wins.


Not everyone is going to have the skills and the resources within the business to carry this forward. We see that a lot with our clients. We work with our clients to deliver a plan like this in partnership. We act as a technical director to support you at a director level. This means we can inject tactical support, to push that plan forward. The tool enables us to pull recommendations from the report, and work with you to complete in the next quarter to improve your business!

You can try the tool here.