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Drip marketing – what is it all about?

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Drip marketing – what is it all about?

When it comes to email marketing, there are many strategies out there for businesses to follow. Today we’ll be giving our thoughts on a technique known as "drip".  

Since email marketing might not be the main focus for advertising for many businesses, it can be worrying to see a marketing platform that can help boost up your sales/audience up, not being used effectively. 

Before we get into that, it’s best to refresh our memories on what email marketing is all about. 

When it comes to email marketing, it aims to target a potential customer or current client through their email inbox. This means sending out advertising on a marketing platform.

There are many benefits for online marketing. There are many strategies out there to help increase awareness of your business including the likes of social media advertising. You do however want to use more than one way to get yourself heard and email marketing is certainly something to focus on. 

What is drip marketing? And why should we consider using this strategy?

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If you are not quite familiar with the term drip marketing, it also has many other names from the likes of automated email campaigns, lifecycle emails, autoresponders and marketing automation.  

The way drip marketing works is through a scheduled system. Emails are sent out at certain time intervals or when certain actions are triggered, for example, if a new user signed up to a website, they would receive a welcoming email to get them started. 

The purpose behind this is so that the emails are not sent manually from the business but rather through an automated process. This, therefore, would take less time and allow the company to focus on other areas of their business. 

Now that we have a clear indication on what drip marketing is, let’s dig a little deeper and explore why we should consider using the tactic. 

  • By sending out automated emails through certain actions made via the website by users, it allows you to stay in touch with them and keep them interested in your business.  
  • Timing is another crucial factor that needs to be taken into consideration. Drip marketing allows automation which means businesses do not have to manually send out emails once a user registers or makes any purchases etc. It allows you to send the visitor automated follow up emails at any time of the day.

(Image Source: Drip)

Nurture leads throughout the sales process 

As we have slightly touched on this in the above section, we’ll dive in and give a clear indication of how effective this process can be. 

If you want to get your users talking and interact more with your online content, nurturing can be one of the techniques you could potentially have a look at. 

One of the many ways to implement this process is as described above, where you send a welcoming notice when a user registers on the website.  

Another one can also be a feedback notice once a purchase has been made, as well as reassuring the user of the ordering process once they’ve successfully bought an item.  

Through this strategy, the main purpose is to ‘nurture’ your audience in a way they feel reassured and will come back to using your business by the visiting your website, reading blog posts or making any further purchases. 

Also, what better way would there be than to update customers on things they’ll be interested in, right?  

Hold on, how do we know what sort of products or articles they’ll be interested in? 

When a user abandons a shopping cart on a website, you can set a trigger email off letting the user know, if they’re still interested in the available items, as well as recommend a few similar items. 

Automated emailing system & Analytics 

With using an automated emailing system, you will save countless of hours by not having to send out multiple emails manually. 

The analytic side of things helps the business observe how many users are opening the messages, ignore them and those who follow the links provided.

(Image source: Drip)

Types of drip campaigns 

Top of mind drips - this is where you’ll be able to identify what users are willing to click on when it comes to sending out automated emails. 

Here is an example from drip marketing 101: benefits & best practices:

Send four prospects an email message with a link to a white paper. Prospects 1 and 2 open the email and click to download the white paper; Prospects 3 and 4 do not. Next steps: 

Send the two prospects who downloaded the white paper, Prospects 1 and 2, an email message with a link to an eBook. Prospect 1 opens the email containing the eBook. This exits Prospect 1 from the campaign and alerts sales to get in touch right away.Prospect 2 doesn’t open this email, so the campaign sends a light, engaging video. 

Send the two prospects who did not open the first email, Prospects 3 and 4, a video. Prospect 3 opens this email, so the campaign sends along the eBook that Prospects 1 and 2 received earlier in the cycle.Prospect 4 doesn’t open this second email, either, so the drip campaign ends here for that lead. The prospect may be added to a re-engagement campaign for further attention later. 

(Image source: Drip marketing 101

Renewal Drips: This can be quite handy when the time comes to inform your clients they need to renew their contracts.  

Training Drips: Shows users how to use products. For this to be used effectively, the email should be in an easy to read format that directs the user on what they need to do.  

Education Drips: Notifying the audience of your company services and what you do. 

Welcoming Drip: The name should probably give it away, but they are used to make the user feel welcomed and get them started. 

We know what drip email marketing is, but does it work? 

One of many reasons as to why drip email marketing tends to be quite effective for businesses is due to being persistent and consistent with your messages.  

Having specific emails sent out to the right people depending on the triggers, it’ll help get you business noticed.  

(Image source: Drip)

The main goal of marketing, in general, is to increase the awareness of our businesses so that it can drive in sales of a product or service. With drip marketing, there is more than one way to get a hold of your audiences attention and it depends on having the correct triggers set up so that automated emails get sent to the right person when needed. 

When it comes down to statistics, figures show that… 

  • Targeted emails tend to produce 18 times more revenue than the ones that are globally broadcasted. 
  • Users who go through drip emails have a higher click rate of 199% as compared to broadcasted emails. 
  • B2C marketers who use this strategy and connect with their audience see a conversion of 50% if not higher. 
  • 79% of marketing leads do not convert due to not being nurtured via drips. 

*side note* broadcast emails are when a business/user sends out 1 email to multiple recipients.  

Manage your leads 

Another great feature is the ability to manage your leads, seeing which user interacts with your website/emails the most. With a panel displaying just that in a simple format, this can be a great way to see what’s working for you and what may need improving. 

(Image source: Drip)

Setting up drip campaigns 

When it comes to setting up your own drip campaign, there are a few process you need to go through in order for it to work effectively.  

The first part of the process is to identify your target audience - ensuring you know who are you going to aim towards and categorise each audience for better conversion. Create the messages & plan them out to ensure the right messages are sent to the right users depending on the triggers. Once the basic setting up process is out of the way, it is time to start your campaign, send out emails and wait for the final process. 

Lastly, once you’ve sent out your emails and looking at the results, it’s the perfect time to evaluate and adjust your campaign so that you can get a better result from your previous statistics. 

What are your thoughts on drip email marketing? 

We hope you now understand how drip marketing works when it comes to using it for your companies emailing system.  

Certainly, when it comes down to email marketing, the drip strategy can play a great role, with the consistent updates to clients whether it be for sales, welcoming or promotional offers, as long as it does not go overboard by becoming spammy, it is an effective way to market your business. 

How we can help... 

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